Dr. Pratik P. SURANA

Blessed with a divine discontent to challenge the conventional wisdom and disrupt the existing norms..

The intention of my books and articles is to assist people to gain insight into their own self preservation. The pathway to personal success starts with the self and then moves outward. 
The ideas I offer in my books and articles are confirmed by my own 20+ years of experience and observation in the field of training, mentoring, operations and management in India and across the world. 
My articles on training and development topics have appeared in India’s leading newspapers, such as Indian Express, Herald, Economic Times and many more.

I have authored Four books

Book 1 :


Mastering Emotional Intelligence

Book 2 :


Gandhi: The Eternal Management Guru

Book 3 :


Cooldown Before You Burn Out

Book 4 :


Great ideas that will keep you stress-free and relaxed at work

Awards & Achivements