Pratik, The Author

There is no friend as loyal as a book

The intention of my books and articles is to assist people to gain insight into their own self preservation. The pathway to personal success starts with the self and then moves outward. 
The ideas I offer in my books and articles are confirmed by my own 20+ years of experience and observation in the field of training, mentoring, operations and management in India and across the world. 
My articles on training and development topics have appeared in India’s leading newspapers, such as Indian Express, Herald, Economic Times and many more.

I have authored Four books

Book 1 :

Mastering Emotional Intelligence

Author: Pratik P SURANA Place: India
Publisher:Notion Press 
Date of Publication:  2021
Pages: 110
Format: Paperback
Category:Emotional Intelligence 

Language: English
Price: 149.00 Rs
ISBN: 978-1-63714-537-1

“…success at work is 80% dependent on emotional intelligence and only 20% dependent on IQ,” HR magazine, November 1997.

If we are aware of emotions, there is the question of managing them. This needs some elaboration. We do not generally control all our emotions consciously, but we are often required to control certain emotions on certain occasions. This control of behaviour is inculcated in us while we grow up in a community. Hence, as cultured and civilized beings, we do learn to control some emotions on some occasions. However, this is part of being shaped by the society or community. We do not make conscious efforts to control extreme joy or extreme grief deliberately.

The book talks practical aspects of how Emotions can be managed well.

Book 2:

Gandhi: The Eternal Management Guru

Author: Pratik P SURANA
Place: India
Publisher: Notion Press, Inc.; 1 edition
Date of Publication: 2017
Pages: 120
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Price: 149.00 Rs
ISBN: 978-1948146616

The science and art of management has developed to a great extent in recent times. The Industrial Revolution gave impetus to the process of management and standardised the subject to near perfection. Management, system, planning and organization are core principles of success in any venture of any magnitude. Business is a sector where entrepreneurs invest huge capital amounts, their skills and knowledge for the purpose of generating wealth. Businessmen cannot afford to be lax and lethargic; naturally, management of business on sound principles became a pre-requisite for assured success in business. A business unit also generates employment. When business is mis-managed, the livelihood of employees is at stake, the future of all involved is at stake, the economy of the nation is at stake and the dreams of the entrepreneur are at stake.

Book 3:

Cooldown Before You Burn Out

Author: Pratik P SURANA
Place: India
Publisher: Citrine Books
Date of Publication: 1999
Pages: 210
Format: Paperback
Category: Self help
Language: English
Price: 176.00 Rs
ISBN: 978-8190977005​

The book is an assemblage of inspiring and positive wisdom from a talented trainer with over a decade long experience within the field. It carries practicalfor someone who is carving out a career. Every working professional will benefit from the wealth of information provided in the must-read book. 

It tempts you to dig deeper with varied tricks like ways of persuading your boss, the does and of emailing, rules of power, tips for being a true gentleman, 99 ways of working smarter, 101 reasons why freelancers do better and many more. The author has also touched on the exciting topic on what all you need to become your on boss through entrepreneurship.

Book 4:

Author: Pratik P SURANA
Place: India
Publisher:Pustak Mahal

Date of Publication: 2012
Pages: 183
Format: Paperback
Category:  Motivation/Self-help
Language: English
Price: 176.00 Rs
ISBN: 978-8122313581

The title of the book itself suggests the purpose in writing the book. It is an attempt to make us look deep into our life and help us drop the extra baggage of stress we are carrying in our constant endeavour to lead a better lifestyle. I acknowledge that the point of views throughout the book is influenced by inspirational life and works of great teachers like Osho, Swami Vivekanand, Stephen Covey, Jack Welsch and many others. 

The book clearly defines the myths and realities about work and familiarize’s you with pressures at workplace and how to avoid work burn-outs. It clearly defines the practical approaches to business ethics and develop ideas of high-stake decision making. Especially help you to gain perspective on how spirituality in business is the right way to evolve.

What readers are saying?

“A wonderful book that helps you in transform your life and bring it together. It offers practical guidelines on how to achieve that goal of getting back your life. Shows how to create balance by maintaining focus, avoid procrastination, rigorous planning and effective execution, and in order to achieve that shows how you have to think big and without limits. A well written and must read book that offers life changing advice.”
Melissa Angcon
“This book has helped me define my goals, stop negative thinking, become positive and optimistic. I followed the steps and was realistic about expectations. I learned to develop trust, accept responsibility for my actions, and implement time management. That is the practical part of the process that led to more focus and eventually freedom.”
“Interesting ideas are offered in this book. Focus on the important things and don't drown in the every-day little things. Good points and good reminders about how to value your own time.”
Ravi Kumar