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Bhad me jaao..

The phrase “Bhad me jao” is something that every single one of us Indians has heard, and we have even used it on occasion to express our rage. And, hell yeah, there are times when it’s awesome to be able to say “Bhad me jao”! However, have you ever given any thought to traveling to Bhad? “Go to Hell” is the literal meaning of the word “Bhad,” so have you ever considered the possibility that it even exists on earth? You might be interested in going to Bhad now, if you haven’t previously. As well as existing on earth, it can also be found in India.

Before I continue to write for your consideration and begin to bore you with my lamentations and presentations, I anticipate receiving some positive feedback. You must also be getting ready to say “Bhad Mein Jao” at this very moment. Please take note that you are required to travel to the village of Bhad, which is located in Gujarat close to Porbandar. The attention of Bhad is required. Special messages were sent to me by residents of Bhad in an effort to save them from this embarrassing circumstance. They have been calling at all hours of the day and night to make it clear that their town is not comparable to hell. When people say “Bhad Mein Jao,” which literally translates to “Go to hell,” it causes them pain.

I checked this very carefully: there is no one in Bhad named Yamraj, there are no cauldrons filled with boiling oil, there is no raging fire, and there are no men with lashes and leashes to tame a sinful consciousness. Even though it is not dark, the sun rises there as well. In the event that someone curses you to go to Bhad, you should never take it personally. If you could, please ask them to pay for your airfare, stay in a luxurious hotel, and take you on a tour of the area. You will have a wonderful time in Bhad, I assure you of that. Who wouldn’t want to go on a vacation where they are all paid for and get to see the sights?

Bhad is not a town that exists in mythology; rather, there are three to four villages in India that are named Bhad. You can fulfill the wishes of the soul that is being tormented by going to any of the Bhads that are located closer to you. When you do this, you will be able to say with confidence, “I am all yours, darling, your wish is my command.”

Bhad, where are you?

The village of Bhad is located in the Khambha Taluka of the Amreli District in the state of Gujarat. Approximately 314 kilometers separate it from Gandhinagar, the capital of the state.

Is it a living hell? No, not in the least. To our relief, we did not discover any yamraj or devil in that location. Despite the fact that there were no damned souls, punishments, or raging fires, it was the complete opposite of the concept of hell. Visit the location in question if you do not believe what we say. The monsoon season brings a more surreal atmosphere to the village, which is otherwise a peaceful place. You will find a great number of nearby locations that you can visit, such as Diu, Sasan Gir, Girnar, and many others.

Which way to get to Bhad? Approximately 70 kilometers away is where you will find Diu Airport. There are no major train stations in the immediate vicinity. However, the Rajkot Railway station is approximately 144 kilometers away from Bhad and is the closest railway station. On the road is the most efficient way to get to Bhad.

Fun Facts Regarding the Bhad A total of 274 families call the village of Bhad home, making it a village of a medium size. 1160 people are residents of this area. When compared to the literacy rate in Gujarat, the literacy rate in Bhad is significantly higher. Agricultural activities are the primary means by which people in Bhad make their living.

Should you still be undecided about whether or not you should travel to Bhad, read this blog till the end . Therefore, from this point forward, you should refrain from becoming enraged whenever someone says, “Bhad me jao.” Instead, you should request that they book your flights to Gujarat and accommodation in Bhad. This will allow them to feel the satisfaction of actually sending you to Bhad, while also providing you with a free vacation.

According to the information that was discovered about Bhad, the village of Bhad came into existence after a few families belonging to the community known as the “Bhutiya Bhadhiya” settled there. “Warrior” is the meaning of the word “Bhad,” which is shoorveer in Hindi. Agriculture constitutes the major contributor to Bhad’s economy. It is equipped with all of the fundamental conveniences that are available in our modern times. As a matter of fact, it is equipped with public and government schools, medical facilities, internet connectivity, transportation services, and a bus stand (this information is provided by a YouTuber who took a video of the Bhad bus stand). Both the nearest airport and the nearest railway station are located in Porbandar, which is 25 kilometers away. The name of this village is the only thing that appeals to tourists in this area.

So next time someone says “Bhaad me jaao”. You know where to go..

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