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Reflecting on the year 2023!

Happy Holidays!

The year that’s about to end! Reviewing the year 2023!

Like every year I have been reviewing and writing to you about how the year went by, for past several years, I wish to do the same now.

It’s a tradition I have followed for many years and I always like to communicate regarding our achievements and major events in the previous year. This is the time to be thankful about what life gives you and how you take it in the stride in terms of adapting to the changed world. It is the right time to thank you for your personal, professional and social support to me, my team and my family.

As they say “The great beginnings always happen in mind and then come into action.” This year taught us the same in many ways!

As we traverse through ever evolving times in VUCA Times (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) this year has been no exception as long as international events, situations around us are concerned.

 I will start with the personal front:

On personal front, this year started with a good note when my loved ones have been safe and sound. The very new gift I received as award by Maha Sewa (Government of Maharashtra’s initiative for promoting service sector businesses) where I was recognised by Maharashtra Ratna Puraskar in Mumbai for exceptional training services.

My visits to my hometown Hingoli were more frequent as compared to the previous year and was happy to celebrate Diwali over there with family and friends (who are more like extended families to me). Things have been settling down well there. Health wise, my fitness journey has continued with a roller coaster ride, though health has been quite good and no concerns on that front.  I was planning to go for a trek called “Annapurna Circuit” in Nepal but 4 out of 5 friends dropped out resulting into my cancelation as well. Hence I went on a small experience in tribal areas of Madhya Pradesh region in central India where I spent some time in the nature retreat and a small trek of 3 days Re igniting the passion for an old hobby always cheers one up! However, I continued with my long motor bike rides and went to Lonavala as well as Panchgani on my Royal Enfield Classic 500 (the name I have for the machine is “Subhanrao”). Besides in an argument, someone said to me “Bhad me jaao”. I googled and found the village Bhad in Gujarat, ahead of Rajkot and went there and said “Aapne Kaha tha Bhad me jaao, main jaa kar aa gaya. Now it’s your turn.”

There has been a long pending item on to do list to visit Kartarpur Sahib Gurudwara in Pakistan. I was fortunate this year to go to Amritsar on my birthday with a very dear and one of the best  college friends  and cross over the border from Dera Baba Nanak into Pakistan, visited Gurudwara and came back on the same day under visa free corridor policy .

More details can be found in my blog: . Besides, I continued with my hobby of writing and completed my long pending 5th book titled as “Navigating Through Emotions: A journey from being emotional fool to emotionally literate person”.

On the social front:

Our NGO Quantum Foundation achieved different milestones. We have our projects “Mission One Million” which speaks of One million emotionally literate people by 2035. Happy to tell you that we have already reached half way mark way before..”Half Million mark is already achieved by 2023” Under this, we started with the following:

  1. Free emotional literacy sessions which speak about emotions in our day to day life and their impacts. We arranged sessions in various countries for various companies, government organisations and NGOs as well as various departments free of cost.
  2. Café EQ: The panel discussion on EQ and it’s application areas was re started and we had Café EQ 5.0 titled as “Leading and influencing using EQ” where renowned corporate leaders presented their views.

  1. We also started with the Podcast called “Emotionally Yours with Pratik” which is available across 10+ platforms including Amazon, YouTube, Spotify, etc… The first episode was shot where the famous actress Meenakshi Seshadri Mysore, where she unfolded her journey about how she overcame difficulties in her life during her life journey. Many more episodes from famous personalities and people who have inspired and influenced others are on their way soon.

  1. We have also been successful in getting “Emotional Intelligence” integrated as subject in main curricula of many school boards, polytechnic and for various colleges and universities including deemed universities in India as a mandatory subject.
  2. We are in the process of signing up an MOU with NHRD Network to reach out to all the HR community in companies, schools and colleges and collaborate for this cause.

The second project called Project Dharohar (related with history and legacy we carry) under which we achieved the following:

  1. Recognise: We recognise the renowned historians under Late Shri Prakashchandra SURANA awards in the following categories for this year:
    1. Late Shri Prakashchandra SURANA Senior Historian Award was conferred upon Dr. G.B. Deglurkar, ex-chancellor and senior historian at Deccan College
    1. Late Shri Prakashchandra SURANA Digital Historian Award to RJ Sangram Khopade for his podcast “Itihas Navachi Vyakti”.
  2. Inspire: Under this part, we encourage schools, colleges, universities to form history clubs where the young minds can be influenced and inspired to study history through story telling in history, historical site visits, research, etc. . . . Under the same, we established the history club with “The Orchid School” in Pune.
  3. Support: We support the students under “Late Shri Prakashchandra SURANA Scholarship” as a part of Quantum Fellowship for students doing Ph.D. in history. We signed Memorandum of Understanding with Deccan College


On the professional front, the year has been great as the company in India, Quantum Infotrainers and Consultants Private Limited, has achieved good sales and is expected to close 45% higher than the previous Financial Year. We added 45 new customers and delivered sessions across the domains of IT Skills, Soft Skills, Life Skills, Coaching and Cross Culture Sensitivity.

The company in Singapore “Quantum Trainings Pte Ltd.” has done well in terms of retaining major clients and acquiring major clients in IT, BPOs and Pharma companies globally.  We also acquired a major client who is one of the biggest financial consulting company in APAC for our training services  Soon we shall make our footprints in GCC and MENA regions apart from APAC.

The tireless journey grows achieving various milestones, overcoming hurdles and ensuring that the journey is enjoyable. This is only possible with the support of near ones like you. The family, friends, associates, colleagues, clients and everyone who has been a part of the journey, no words of gratitude can express the contribution they have made in making this journey enjoyable.

 As we inch closer to bid a goodbye to the passing year and ready to welcome the coming year 2024, it’s time we express gratitude for all that life has given us and prepare ourselves for welcoming the New Year that brings the positivity, hope and above all, optimism!

Wishing everyone happy festive times and in advance, Wishing You a Very Happy New Year 2024!!

Warm Regards

Pratik P. SURANA

1 thought on “Reflecting on the year 2023!”

  1. Last thing first.. highly purpoful year ’23. My take:
    1. Promoting history clubs where the young minds can be influenced and inspired to study history through story telling.

    Amitabh Bachchan, Mumbai, January 31, 2017 while writing a review for my book Guns and Glories, say, – ‘We’, are not makers of history. We are made by history, and if we don’t know history, then we are like a leaf that does not know it is part of a tree. Nevertheless, if history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.

    2. Navigating Through Emotions: A journey from being emotional fool to emotionally literate person. Loved this book of yours.

    3. Podcast… Great initiative… This is one field, need to learn from you.

    Fanta-stick year. Couldn’t have asked for more. God bless you 🙏

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